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Candlenut & Aloe Vera LuvSerum Capsules

Candlenut & Aloe Vera LuvSerum Capsules

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  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Parabens Free
  • Bio-degradable


Notice fresher looking hair after just 1 use.

Observe remarkable transformation after 4 weeks of dedicated use.


  • Candlenut Oil
  • Aloe Vera Oil
  • Multivitamins

Full Ingredient List

How To Use

1. After every hair shower, towel dry your hair until it’s half dry.

2. Gently break the tip of the capsule and pour the serum into the palm of your hand.

3. Apply the serum evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the ends and avoiding the scalp.

4. Let your hair dry naturally, avoiding the use of hair dryers or other heat styling tools.

Your key to maintaining a fresh, grease-free look. Take control and let your hair shine.

Key Benefits:

  • Preserves Hair's Fresh Look
  • Protection From UV Damage
  • Calms itchy Scalp
  • Controls Greasy Hair

Each bottle contains 30 biodegradable capsules of our hair serum. One for after each hair shower.


Instant Transformation for a Healthier, Gorgeous Look!

How does it work?

• Preserves Hair's Fresh LookAloe Vera's hydrating properties maintain optimal moisture levels, preventing dullness and preserving a fresh, vibrant appearance.

Protection From UV DamageCandlenut oil forms a protective barrier against UV rays, shielding your hair from environmental damage and maintaining its health.

• Calms Itchy Scalp - The anti-inflammatory properties of Candlenut oil soothe the scalp, reducing irritation and promoting a comfortable, itch-free experience.

• Controls Greasy Hair - Aloe Vera regulates oil production, while Candlenut oil balances natural oils, providing effective control over greasy hair.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fadia Iskandarani

Perfect capsules

Game Changer!

I'm loving the candlenut and aloe vera serum! It's been a game-changer for my itchy scalp, especially after my keratin treatment. I apply it post-shower, and not only does it give my hair a beautiful glow, but it also shields it from UV damage. It's a win-win!

Hiba M.
Unexpected result

I actually suffered a lot from hair problems, stopped growing, losing half of it and unhealthy shape. Until One of my friends advised me to try the Luvserum and it was an unexpected result !! I use it daily its the most appropriate serum to my hair that ive ever used ❤️ thank you so much 😊

Super impressed

First of all it’s such a convenient product i love the packaging and the capsules are great to take with me anywhere. I tried the ginseng and honey and my hair felt and looked SO good!!!

Jihan O.
Great Product!

Great product! Gives what it promises. Made my hair super soft, super recommend and will keep using it for sure.